10 Best House Rental Apps for Apartment Hunting Before Moving to New City

Moving to a new city means finding somewhere you have to stay for long-term. Hunting for apartments is not that easy usually. But there are house rental apps that can list all the rental apartments in any city and let you rent or lease apartments, houses, or condos at cheaper costs with better amenities.

Here we have found some of the best house rental apps that let you hunt for such apartments anywhere.

Best House Rental Apps

Unlike Airbnb properties, long-term rentals are much suitable if you are moving to a city for studies or work and looking for a pocket-friendly place to stay for a year or more. Here are the best house rental apps you need to check for your next stay in the new city.

Zillow: Homes For Sale & Rent


Zillow app is the most popular among the house rental apps. Zillow is an easy-to-use app with millions of listings right at your fingertips. The app also lets your sell or buy houses in addition to renting houses. 

The Zillow app is built with features and tools you would not find anywhere else. The 3D Home Tour feature is incredible and only available in the Zillow app where you can picture yourselves in a home and have a clear 3D image of the house without even actually visiting it. Zillow app also notifies you when there is a drop in price to let you acquire the property at cheaper prices.

Zillow app also allows self tours in Zillow–owned homes with no appointment. It lets you stop by whenever you want and unlock the door with the app. All the features and tools mentioned above make Zillow one of the best house rental apps available.


  • Robust features
  • Great customer care


  • Buggy app
  • Sometimes advertises houses that are not yet built

Key Features: 3D Home Tours | Self tour with no appointment | Customer care through Zillow premiere agents | Features personal renter profile so users can engage directly with landlords |

Download Zillow: Android | iPhone

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Trulia: Homes For Sale & Rent 

TruliaTrulia helps you discover the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood to rent from over 1 million listings. With this house rental app, you get perfect descriptions of the neighborhoods so that you feel safe and comfortable about the neighborhood while planning to rent the houses.

The Trulia app lets you assess the neighborhood through 33 neighborhood map overlays like hospitals, schools, and more. You could also see over 30 million neighborhood reviews from locals.

Virtual neighborhood tours are also available along with the above-mentioned features. This will give you a clear idea of how it is to rent a house in that particular neighborhood. The Trulia app is one of the best in helping users find houses to rent in the safest neighborhoods. 


  • Gives importance to safety 
  • Helps finding suitable neighborhood 


  • No crime maps
  • Shows retirement communities

Key Features: More neighborhood details | Robust customization tools | 1 million + listings | Open house scheduling tools

Download Trulia: Android | iPhone

Zumper – Apartment Rental Finder

ZumperZumper is another popular house rental app for apartment hunting from a large rental marketplace of millions of houses and apartments. The Zumper app claims to have the largest rental marketplace available on any app. 

The Zillow app features high-quality images and videos of the listings, giving you a clear visual idea about the houses. You can set filters to choose your preferred price range, bedroom count, neighborhoods, and amenities. Zillow app also gives real-time notifications when new places that match your preferences hit the market.

Zillow app will definitely help you find your dream house or apartment to rent through its large rental marketplace.


  • Largest rental marketplace
  • Good filter feature


  • Only available in selected cities in the USA & Canada

Key Features: Creates Alerts for new listings | Large browse listings | Instant pay rent feature

Download Zumper: Android | iPhone

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Realtor.com Rentals

RealtorRealtor.com Rentals is the exclusive home rental app of the nationally acclaimed and popular real estate website realtor.com. The rental houses app has the best rental search tools and filters to let you find the perfect apartment with a gym, pool, pets, parking, and more. 

Houses, apartments, and condos can be rented on the Realtor.com app. With its filters, you can find information on beds, baths, square footage, and more.

Realtor.com also shows detailed photos and virtual tours of homes for rent so that you can get an idea about the place you are renting. It even gives a general idea about the neighborhood.


  • Widely trusted
  • Good customer service


  • Features a few sold properties

Key Features: Virtual home tours | Draw a custom search area on the map to find a rental home | Email, and call from the app

Download Realtor.com: Android | iPhone

HotPads Apartments & Home Rentals

HotPadsThe HotPads app makes the stressful process of finding a rental house easy. You get a large collection of available rental homes and splendid features like search alerts and advanced filters. Not to mention that the HotPads app lists houses at very cheap rates for renting.

HotPads app has a great team of technical support working 24/7 to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date rentals and gives alerts about new rentals. The app also lets you contact the landlords with ease. HotPads also has a fun feature where it lets users share a new property they’ve with all their friends.

If you’re looking for a cheap rental house or apartment in the US, the HotPads app is one of your best options. 


  • Cheap houses and apartments


  • Sends too much alert on the same property
  • Lacks photos

Key Features: Search alerts | Advanced filters | Map views

Download HotPads: Android | iPhone

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Homesnap – Find Homes for Sale and Rent

HomeSnapHomesnap is widely acclaimed by realtors as the app is powered by the same real-time data used by licensed realtors. Homesnap is easy to use with great features like multiple map layers like satellite imagery and commute map.

You can snap a photo of any home to reveal the home value estimate. Since the app is widely acclaimed by realtors, Homesnap has 20% more agent listings than national portals. HGTV also named the Homesnap app the most addictive real estate app making it obvious that it is a great and easy-to-use house rental app. 


  • Good support from the realtors
  • unique features


  • App malfunctions on android devices
  • Map doesn’t work fine

Key Features: Same data used by licensed realtors | 20% more agent listings than national portals

Download Homesnap: Android | iPhone

Apartments.com Rental Finder 

Apartment comThe Apartments.com Rental Finder app is the most dynamic and innovative app to help you find the best apartment or homes to rent. Apartments.com is more than just apartments, the app has apartments, condos, townhomes, and houses for rent. 

Apartments.com app gives authentic, reliable, and real-time information on availability and rent ranges. The app also has customized searches. You can draw your own custom area on the map.

With high-resolution photos, 3D tours, and easy search filters, Apartments.com has every essential feature to make it a perfect house rental app. The Apartments.com app also lets you connect directly with leasing agents by email or phone. 


  • Better informations
  • More listings


  • The map has bugs
  • The filter malfunctions

Key Features: Real-time information | Customized searches | Large listings | Robust online search tools

Download Apartments.com: Android | iPhone

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Homes for Sale RentHomes.com is an incredible house rental app. Homes app gives you access to millions of homes for rent in the US and many features that make the process of renting a house fun.

The Homes.com app features full-screen high-resolution photos of the rental properties and lets users find nearby homes with GPS driven location finder. The app also lets you zoom in and navigate neighborhoods with interactive maps. The US-based home rental app also lets you buy and sell houses. 


  • Listings not up to date
  • App glitches on Android

Key Features: Full-screen high-res property photos | Map search | Sharing option

Download Homes.com: Android | iPhone

Apartment List: Housing, Apt and Property Rentals

Apartment ListThe Apartment List app lets you swipe and save the houses you are interested in. You could also text or call immediately if you loved a particular house or take a 3D virtual tour on the Apartments List app.

The Apartments List shortlists houses based on the listings you like and your interests. Apartments List also shows all details like pet policy, availability, and pricing. Apartments List is undoubtedly a great house rental app that gives great importance to the user’s preferences.


  • Personalizes for each user
  • Over 4 million available options


  • Spams with too much e-mail
  • Too much notification

Key Features: Home search with personalized matches | Home finder with best data | Apartment shortlist

Download Apartment List: Android | iPhone

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Apartments by Apartment Guide 

Apartment GuideIf you are looking for an easy way to rent an apartment without all the boring hard work, then the Apartments app is what you are looking for. The Apartments app lets you browse thousands of apartments and rentals all in one place.

This app for apartment hunting lets you view HD photos and floor plans, find neighborhoods matching your likes. The rental range, browse via map or list, and use other tools to make the rental process easier. Apartments app also lets you get a real opinion from an actual resident unlike any other app making it special.


  • Great map feature
  • Easy to find local homes 

Key Features: 360-degree tour | Advanced search filters | Explore properties using a map | HD Photos | Insider’s opinion

Download Apartments: Android | iPhone

Hunting for a new apartment is not a pain for you anymore with these house rental apps. Most of them are accredited by certified realtors and you can even get trusted properties at cheaper rent with them. Do let us know what you think.

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