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5 tips to ensure your home’s showing is a success

The purpose of showing your home is to hook a buyer. You want the buyers to come through your house and be impressed – so impressed in fact, that they’re ready to make an offer! You’ll have one chance to make a great first impression on the potential buyers, so make sure to follow these

Josh Flagg’s Guide To Luxury Real Estate Marketing

Over the years, I’ve perfected my formula for how I sell and market real estate in Southern California. I’ve been through a lot, and have experienced all of the ups, downs and mistakes that have helped shape me into who I am today. Although I am only 34 years old, keep in mind… I have

12 Luxury Real Estate Marketing Materials to Attract Clients

By: Frank DePino | December 9, 2022 The luxury real estate industry is a very lucrative market. In this specific industry, the residences built under the luxury umbrella get grander and more state of the art. Because this market is trending up, luxury real estate marketing materials are in demand as a way to help

The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Selling Luxury Homes

Are you a luxury real-estate agent looking to increase exposure with high-quality marketing materials? Then, this guide for selling luxury homes is for you!Going digital will help you reach new milestones that include higher ticket pricing and faster closing. Read on to discover the top marketing strategies used to impress buyers through high-converting and attention-grabbing

10 Easy Luxury Real Estate Marketing Materials To Attract Clients

The luxury real estate sector is precisely one of the most lucrative industries because of the enormous demand in recent months, specifically in the residential markets. Many luxury properties are available at exorbitant prices. Real estate agents require customized marketing ideas that reach the correct audience to sell them. There are several ways to boost

How to Build a Luxury Real Estate Marketing Plan – Proven Partners

The global luxury real estate market has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with new international markets emerging and mature markets seeing bolstered demand. With this ongoing growth has come a huge increase in supply, with developers identifying opportunities and competing aggressively at all premium price points. Today, the opportunities are abundant but the

How to Earn a Fortune in California’s Luxury Real Estate Market

The bigger the house, the bigger the check! That’s the motto of luxury real estate agents, professionals who are at the top of their industry and cater to a select clientele with a lot of money. The luxury market can be very different from mid-range homes. Below, we break down some of the biggest differences

Top 5 Tips For Prospecting For Luxury Home Buyers

Today I am going to be talking about how to find luxury home buyers that want to work with you! Now, “luxury” in this post means higher priced listings so in some places like California it could mean multi-millions and in Clearwater, FL it could mean high $900,000 to a million. Back where I grew

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Strategies – The Real Estate Trainer

Learn this luxury real estate marketing system to penetrate new communities and increase sales production in higher priced neighborhoods.  Learn the importance of coming from contribution with your systematized marketing efforts to add value to potential clients over time.  Before utilizing this system and the corresponding script below, first watch as Central California’s top luxury real

How to Sell Luxury Real Estate in Los Angeles | Hilton & Hyland

Not all buyers are in the market to purchase The Legendary Beverly House or a 50,000 square-foot estate with panoramic views of the beaches, West Side, the Hollywood Hills, downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains. In fact, most aren’t. According to the National Association of Realtors®, only 9 percent of first-time and repeat

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