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5 tips to ensure your home’s showing is a success

The purpose of showing your home is to hook a buyer. You want the buyers to come through your house and be impressed – so impressed in fact, that they’re ready to make an offer! You’ll have one chance to make a great first impression on the potential buyers, so make sure to follow these

Real Estate Wholesale Formula: The (ULTIMATE) Guide

The market is volatile. Very, very volatile. There is no market immune to massive daily, weekly, or monthly swings and gyrations. The stock market, the foreign exchange market, the cryptocurrency market, and of course the real estate market are all - and continue to be - extremely volatile. Rest assured, in today’s environment almost everything on earth...

The Most Helpful and Free Apps for Any Apartment Rental Search

SaveComments(Image credit: Studio Firma/Stocksy)Hunting for a new apartment in a major urban hub can be overwhelming. Where to start? Like everything these days, there’s an app for that. And with our guide to the best rental apps, you should have no problem finding your next abode.For more content like this followIf you’ve ever looked for

11 Best Rental Apps for Finding Your Next Apartment

While it may seem like finding your next apartment is easy to do, a competitive market and rising rent prices can make the process more complicated. Using rental apps to view available rentals can be one way to simplify the process, but which apps for apartment hunting are the best? Keep reading to discover the

The 7 Best Apps for Finding a New Apartment to Rent

Finding a new apartment to rent can be difficult. After all, many major cities are experiencing a housing shortage already. Coupled with rising rent prices, many apartment searchers can't afford the available apartments they keep finding. Luckily, there are many more apartments on the market than you might know. In fact, not every rental site

The 7 best rental apps for LA apartment hunting

Looking for an apartment in Los Angeles—a big city with low inventory—can feel like an overwhelming if not impossible task. It’s certainly time-consuming. In this tight market, our preferred way of finding a pad is to walk or drive around a neighborhood in search of “For Rent” signs. It’s a good method, because not that

10 Best House Rental Apps for Apartment Hunting Before Moving to New City

Moving to a new city means finding somewhere you have to stay for long-term. Hunting for apartments is not that easy usually. But there are house rental apps that can list all the rental apartments in any city and let you rent or lease apartments, houses, or condos at cheaper costs with better amenities. Here

The best apartment and home rental apps on iPhone

Finding a new place to live can be a job in itself. Whether you’re looking for a large family home or small apartment for yourself, you want easy tools to find the right spot. These days, you don’t have to scour the real estate section of the local newspaper searching for available rentals; just use

House Hunting: Best Apps for Renters (iPhone and Android)

Finding a perfect place became easier in the last ten years with lots of rental platforms around. But, touring a house you like is only the tip of the iceberg and definitely not the only thing you should do. There are many types of applications for your smartphone that can help you evaluate the property

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