Foreclosure Process in California

Step 4. The foreclosure eviction

Following a foreclosure sale, the new owner cannot instantly evict the former owner or change the locks on the property. They must serve the previous owner with a 3-day notice to quit, meaning the former owner has 3 days to move out. However, if the former owner does not vacate the property, the new owner is still not legally allowed to remove them, but will have to start the formal eviction process through the courts to gain full possession of the home.

Court-mandated evictions will usually take several weeks to go into effect. If the foreclosed property is rented out, the new owner must honor the existing lease agreement. If the property is also occupied by the former owner or is leased on a month-to-month basis, the new owner may evict the former owner and/or tenants, but not before providing current tenants with a 90-day notice. The new owner may also offer a new lease agreement to current tenants.

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