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How to Find Real Estate Comps for Your Listing

How do you find real estate comps for your listing? What is the best way to find the asking price for your client's home? _______________________ GET YOUR REAL ESTATE LICENSE: Website: Talk to a student advisor: 888-317-8740 _______________________ Most agents are selling property for a low price and they don't even know it. And it all starts with...

Wholesaling Real Estate Podcast |The Short Sale Queen

Check Out The Top Tools for Serious Real Estate Investors 🔥#1 Tool for ALL investors & Real Estate professionals - 📱Driving for Dollars $$. Best Real Estate Deals In Your Neighborhood - 📞 REI-SKIP Find The Phone Number for Any Homeowner - 🥕 Build Your Investor or Agent Website in 10 Mins -...

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