Ryan Ingram

How to Finance a Foreclosure

How to finance a foreclosure with traditional financing, cash, or hard/private money. Foreclosures are a great way to purchase a property with equity, but financing a foreclosure isn't the easiest of things to do. How you fund a foreclosure largely depends on two things: 1. Access to the Interior 2. Time Frame If you have access to the interior of the property, an internal appraisal or inspection...

Exactly How to Find and Buy Foreclosed Homes

Are you looking to add a foreclosure to your real estate portfolio? Or find a foreclosure so that you can buy a home with a tremendous amount of equity? This video is for you! This video explains exactly how you can start investing in real estate by utilizing foreclosed homes. In this video, I cover what foreclosures are, how to go about finding foreclosures, and buying foreclosure homes. In this video...

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