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A home can be the biggest investment in your life. This will have a huge financial impact on you, therefore, you will need to do some research and effort to bring your plans and ideas to fruition.

Normally, you should work with a qualified broker with experience in the field. But these have changed over the past few years because of smart devices. 

Real estate apps have changed the way people think about buying and investing in real estate. With the advent of mobile apps, performance is improving and smarter devices are being used.

As a result, real estate apps provide consumers with access to information previously available only to licensed brokers.

With these amazing apps and tools available at your fingertips, you can easily start your search for the ideal property. You can check out more info on Adagio condos for starters. 

Although these programs do not replace licensed brokers, they can help you make an informed decision as a buyer. Let’s take a look at the best real estate apps of the year.

Bigger Pockets

BiggerPockets Apps

If you are looking to invest in real estate, Bigger Pockets is the perfect app to download.

Over the years, Bigger Pockets have become an important source of information for real estate transactions. If you are fascinated by this type of investment, you should have this app on your smart device.

Their website is full of useful tools for studying different aspects of real estate investing. You can also get the same level of functionality when you use the app.

It serves as a gateway to similar information found on the Internet, making it an indispensable tool for serious real estate investors.


Yieldstreet app

This platform gives you access to a range of alternative income-generating products like marine projects and art. Yieldstreet provides loans for other investment platforms to buy assets. 

You can check out each investment’s details on the app. It also offers information on the minimum and maximum investment, the duration, and the expected return.

Investment thresholds vary depending on the project.


Zillow app

Zillow is a trusted name when it comes to real estate, so it only makes sense that it is the go-to resource for home buyers.

This app is a pioneer when it comes to providing home buyers with estimates on home value for a specific city or region. Naturally, that makes it a great app to use for home buyers and home sellers. 

If you’re a seller, you can create an account via the app that will track the value of your home over the years.

For home buyers, it is useful if you want to get a concrete idea of home prices at specific locations you are considering.

All you have to do is to filter your search for homes within a specific neighborhood and then you will obtain information on prices.

Zillow makes your life easier when doing your comparison research on property pricing.

It also provides you with an estimate on how much to allot for your home purchase, if you need to move to a specific area.

Or, you can use the information to find the best places to search for a home that is within your budget. App app

Just like Zillow, is a notable resource for all things real estate. It only makes sense to add their app to this list as one of the best real estate apps.

One particular category in which gains an advantage over Zillow – data accuracy. 

This is one of the few websites that display actual data sold on various properties. The property list can are updated every 15 minutes.

This means that when you use to search real estate listings in a specific area, you will get 90% accurate information, especially when it comes to prices.

You will know when a house is sold as it will no longer be available from the site listing. You will also know when prices are changed as it is reflected almost in real-time. 



Realtymogul’s exclusive online platform allows investors to manage the entire real estate investment process through a dashboard.

It provides general investors access to commercial real estate by carefully reviewing real estate listings, managed REITs, and promising to provide first-class support services to its members, making commercial real estate accessible to everyday investors. 

Realtymogul’s platform simplifies the commercial real estate investment process and offers investors a range of options and products.

A thorough due diligence process, a full range of investment products and services, and a user-friendly platform make RealtyMogul one of the most unique fintech solutions on the market.


Real estate investment is more accessible than ever before. You don’t need to spend months flipping a house.

House hunting or renovating a property may take a lot of hard work, but there are tools that can help make things less stressful for you.

Check out any or all of the apps above to let your smart devices smoothen the property selling or buying process.

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