What Should You Do After Buying a House?

You bought a house… now what? Here are 10 things you need to do after you purchase a home!

Buying a home can be enough, so what do you do after you purchase a home? There are three main things that you need to do after you purchase a home: we need to make sure we transfer utilities for the property; we need to secure the property; and we need to make sure documents are neat and organized in case we need minutes. After you go through the home search and home closing process, one of the last things on your mind is most likely everything that needs to be done after closing. It’s normal to have a lot of outstanding tasks because so much was going on beforehand, and now the dust has settled. So, here are some ways that you can make sure you have everything in mind that needs to be done after you close on a home. First, we need to make sure that everything gets transferred correctly. Everything relating to the house was in the seller’s name, and now it has to be in your name! First, we need to make sure all utilities are transferred over. Utilities include water, gas, electricity, cable, and internet.

Next we need to make sure that we change over and update your address with your employer and creditors. Changing your address with your creditors is not as big a deal as changing your address with your employer. The biggest reason you need to update your address with your employer is so that taxes can be withheld correctly depending on the city and county that you are now in. Something else you can do is go to the post office and have them set up forwarding for your mailing address. Forwarding for your mailing address will allow the post office to take mail that was incorrectly sent to the old address and forward it to your new address without any hiccups. Next, we need to work on security for the property. The biggest thing you need to do is change locks, passcodes, and garage door codes because we don’t know if anything has been given to anybody else. After you do that, you next want to check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure that they are working and have a full battery. Also, we want to check the breaker panel and know where that is in case we need it in the future.  We want to check where the water main and the gas main are. Finally, we need to make sure all of our documents are in order. The biggest thing to make sure is in order is the mortgage billing so that we can make our first payment on time. After you get all your documents in order, you should be in a really solid position to enjoy your home after you close on it.

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